NOW OPEN at Studio 21, Brookland Arts Walk, Monroe St. Market!

Craftsmanship. Musicianship. Instruction

Randy Mueller is a skilled craftsman with more than 25 years of experience in band instrument repair, as well as complex custom brass and woodwind modifications. He has worked with some of the best known and respected music stores and repair shops and has built a loyal following of professional musicians from top symphonies and ensembles. Randy has also serviced horns for numerous school districts and takes pride in his focused attention to detail from student, to professional, to artist level instruments.

Randy was the shop manager at Wally’s from 2001 to 2012. He’s an absolute perfectionist and I have never known any repair technician to be his equal. His most amazing repair was changing a Hirschbrunner Tuba from a BBb 4 valve rotary to a 5 valve CC instrument. But the trait I admire the most is his work ethic. He works hard all day; it doesn’t matter if it’s a Bundy Trumpet or a Paxman Horn – no complaining. He just flat-out gets it done.

–  Steve Bond, President, Wally’s Music

Randy is also a professional free-lance lead trumpet player with 35 years of performing symphonic, chamber, Broadway, big band and jazz music. He has played with ensembles as diverse as the Oregon Symphony, the SS Norway Big Band and the Columbus Jazz Arts Group; as well as such notables as Bob Hope, The Temptations and Gladys Knight and the Pips. He is currently playing Principal Trumpet in the DC Chamber Orchestra.

Randy has shared his knowledge and musical expertise with beginners and adult students for over 15 years through private instruction in symphonic trumpet. He has developed techniques and methodologies suited to the skill level and talent of his students, a number of whom have successfully competed at division and state level competitions. He has also served as an adjunct faculty member in trumpet performance and various music ensembles.

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25 Responses to NOW OPEN at Studio 21, Brookland Arts Walk, Monroe St. Market!

  1. Sim Dou says:

    Great work Randy, I just read the piece on the work you did for Roy Hargrove.
    You refer to “second value” a couple of times but I am wondering if you meant second valve.
    Auto-correct can be a bear.

  2. Christine says:

    Randy is the real deal. A genuine human who has so much integrity and motivation to always improve and hone his craft. Anyone would be lucky to have his hands on your horn.

  3. J.T. Rametta says:

    Accidentally dropped my Yamaha YTR-8335 LA and bent the bell slightly. Randy had it repaired in under a week, and changed me onto a valve oil that is 100% better than the one I was using. Great guy, cool shop, definitely check him out if you need repairs or pro-tips.

  4. Josh Rhoads says:

    Randy did some work on my Edwards trombone yesterday. He is a master craftsman! Fantastic, precise work with serious attention to detail. I will definitely be going back with my other horns!

  5. Kerry L Griebenow says:

    I have a 1969 Bach Strad trumpet that needs some work. Are you the man for the job?😉

    • Kerry, Sorry for the tardy response. Most folks email me directly.
      In answer to your question, yes. Those early Elkhart horns are very cool.
      So just call me or email me and we can set something up.
      Best, Randy

  6. Mark Snow says:

    Randy is the Man. His work on my sick Bb was nothing short of miraculous. Thanks again for getting it in shape – just in time for American in Paris!

  7. Bruce Lacy says:

    Can you modify a trumpet to be like Dizzy Gillespie’s 45 degree trumpet.

    • Bruce, Yes I can help you out in this area. I’m pretty slammed this week and leaving town this Saturday returning the 2nd of september.
      Please contact me this week or after I return to set something up.
      Be well, Randy

  8. Omar Waqar says:

    Hi Randy,

    I was walking by your studio this morning and I notice you repair instruments, I also do that and I live down the street at the brookland artist lofts. I work on mostly stringed instruments as well as having a speciality with eastern instruments. I’m also a music teacher. Id like to talk to you more about your studio. Do you need some one to run it when you are away? Any thoughts on making it into a music store? If so let me know I have over 15 years of experience in music retail as a salesman manager and product rep. Glad to see you bringing music into my neighborhood let me know how I can help.


  9. Vicky M. says:

    Hi Randy – Just finished reading your recent blog and we are PUMPED for you!! What a great opportunity for you. I am certain there is a ton of work that has been done and will be done to open shop in April! Looks amazing!! Love you Randy

  10. Ray Tindell says:

    Randy, we will miss you out here in Oregon, your Trumpet Playing, Instrument repair/design, and all around wit and humor….

  11. P.Nickolas says:

    Wow, what a celebrity you are, Randy. I am impressed with all you have done and
    accomplished. Glad I found this website, and glad I have the best for restoring the

  12. David C. Mueller says:

    Randy. I like your blog. Very interesting and well done. Hope the move will be a good thing for you and Yolanda. We love you both. Give her a warm fuzzy or two. Love you–Dad Mueller

  13. emil ferrucci says:

    I have a 35 years worked brass holder made in 1999 please advise worth

  14. John Fenner says:

    Just had Randy do a major overhaul to my French horn. He did a wonderful job. It works and plays better than it has in some time. He took time to offer suggestions/advice and made sure I knew what he was doing on the horn. John Fenner

  15. George Wood says:

    Hey Randy,
    I missed seeing you on my last visit to Wallys. The guys told me you moved to DC and started your own business. I wish you the best. Let me know if I can help you out with some of the same products you were used to at Wallys, towels and gloves. We have warehouses over there in your neck of the woods also.
    Good Luck!
    George Wood
    CCP Industries

  16. Good looking mug-shot pal. Sorry to see you leave before we could meet up once again. It’s only been what…24 years? Happy New Yer man, all the best in your future back east.

    Daniel C. Oberloh

  17. Ray Sharpe says:

    Harriette and I enjoyed meeting you and wish you well in your new venture. All the best to you in 2013.
    Hi to Yolanda.
    Ray & Harriette Sharpe

  18. Pam says:

    This town will not be the same without you. I foresee a clientele following you like a tsunami, and rightly so. Thanks for all the help over the years. Wish you the best, and please accept my apology for missing the tribute party.

  19. Christine Jigau says:

    As someone who has worked with Randy for 6 years as a fellow repair technician, I have learned so much. He is a team player who never hesitated if I needed any help. He is always up for a challenge and always goes out of his way for his clients. Washington DC better be prepared for this extreme amount of awesome to arrive.

  20. Deone Johnson says:

    Hi buddy,
    Proud of you, let me know when you get moved.

  21. S. M. Price says:

    Randy, We are impressed with your site and the wonderful experiences you are bringing to D.C We wish for a wonderful transitiion. S. Price

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