Instrument Modification & Repair

In addition to routine repairs, Randy has developed expertise in custom modifications to professional quality brass instruments, improving performance and tailoring them to individual players’ needs. He has also spent half of his career working on complete overhaul and repairs for woodwind instruments.

Randy Mueller is an artist. “Instrument Repair Technician” doesn’t even come close to describing the level of detail and care that goes into every project he undertakes. He understands his craft like few others, being a great trumpeter himself. I don’t take my horns to anyone else.

– James Smock
Eugene Symphony, Columbia Symphony
Trumpet Instructor at Clark College

Brass Instruments
Custom lead pipes
Lead pipe modifications to improve response and intonation
Tunable bells

An Olds Special Comet transformed into a Claude Gordon trumpet with Kanstul bell, custom lead pipe and .460 tuning slide crook. Really nice player!

Conversions to interchangeable lead pipe systems
Conversions to Thayer, Greenhoe and Haggman axial flow rotor systems
Development of carbon fiber outer slide systems

Randy’s work on the redesign and conversion of my Conn 88H was masterful. He devised the open-wrap which cured a “stuffy trigger” problem that the F attachment had since I bought the horn in 1969. The notes below the staff are now easy to center and the resistance is nearly gone. This while using the original rotor valve that came with the horn. I’ve played Conn’s factory design for their open-wrap F attachment, and I like Randy’s design much better.

– Stan Bock
Trombonist, Clinician, Low Brass Performance
Origin Arts Recording 

Double BBb cut to C
Piston and rotor venting
Miniball linkage conversions
Adjustable gap receivers

Oregon Cascades Drum Corps. Needed a little help!

French Horn
Rotor re-fitting
Lead pipe modifications to improve response and intonation
Bell cuts

Paxman Europa Bell Cut

Alto Saxophone
Complete Overhaul

Selmer Alto Sax

Selmer Alto Sax

Baritone Saxophone

Complete Overhaul

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Baritone Sax

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Baritone Sax


Key Modification

Vestus flute with key extension

Vestus flute with key extension

 For ongoing updates and repairs, please visit my blog page!

5 Responses to Instrument Modification & Repair

  1. Nick Marini says:

    I brought my Bach 42 trombone with Hagmann valve to Randy last summer and had him cut the hand slide receiver down (horn played very flat). Randy’s solution was absolute MAGIC!! In addition, Randy cleaned and adjusted the valve, created a custom spring for the valve action, and cleaned and adjusted the hand slide.
    The horn plays GREAT! Thank you to Randy for the fine work, honesty, the great conversations, timeliness, and above all, the overall excellence you exhibit. Thank you!

    • Hey Nick, Thanks for the nice words. Here for you for any future repairs. Hope all is well with you. I’m thinking you’re finishing up your first year in the public system…??? Best, Randy

  2. Reggie Robinson says:

    Preston chose Randy to pull his stuck trumpet mouthpiece because of Randy’ vibe. He was right: Randy is a neat real person, easy to talk with, and very attentive. Plus the location near Catholic U is awesome! It’s nice to see instrument repairs on-site rather than shipped away – and supporting local business is cool, too. We’ll be back…


  3. Harris

    Thanks for contacting me. Since I have set up my shop in DC, I have yet to procure some silver plating gear. At this point I would recommend Jeff Smith at JL Smith in Charlotte, NC. Let me know how it goes. It is best to contact me through my email address on the website as I do not check the website comments as often.


  4. Carlos J. Colon says:

    It was nice meeting you Randy…Carlos…

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