Pink Floyd and Other Italian Music

It’s been a busy, hot summer here in DC, but I was able to take some time off in July for a fantastic trip to Italy. We traveled to Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast towns of Positano and Ravello. Renting a car had its merits, although it was a test of courage both for the driver and the navigator [travel tip:  don’t get lost in the slums of Naples]!

It’s hard to believe, but on the last day of our trip we discovered that a Pink Floyd tribute band was playing a concert on my birthday on the cliffs of the Mediterranean! It included a 5 piece band, an orchestra and a chorus, all perched on a stage at the Palazzo Rufolo in Ravello that juts out over the valley below.

12th Century Palazzo Rufolo, Ravello n Italy

12th Century Palazzo Rufolo, Ravello,  Italy

Concert Stage at Palazzo Rufolo

Concert Stage at Palazzo Rufolo

Pink Floyd Tribute Band

Pink Floyd Tribute Band

A few days earlier, while we traveling in Tuscany, we came upon a jazz orchestra band performing in the beautiful hilltop town of Cortona. We also came upon a mob of college students from Athens, Georgia, who filled the streets and bars.

Jazz Orchestra Band in Cortona

Jazz Orchestra Band in Cortona

After we listened to a few squeaky, but well-intentioned tunes, we headed back to the car and came across this group of Italian teens drumming…for who knows what! Note the Star Wars t-shirt.

Drum Corps in Cortona

Drum Corps in Cortona

It was a great trip, and now it’s back to work!

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