Bethesda Blues and Jazz – Latin Style

We had been trying to get up to the new club in Bethesda ever since my buddy, Jeff Bonk, was playing bass bone in the house big band – and managed to miss the entire run – bummer. Anyway, we finally checked it out with Eddie Palmieri and his Latin Septet on stage.

The club is in an old Art Deco movie theater, with some of the theater seating in-tact in the back, and two mammoth dining areas that step down to the stage. The food was good, the service was terrible and the music was fantastic.

Eddie Palmieri 1

Trumpet player, Jonathan Powell, crushed it on what looked like an Olds Recording horn, and the whole set buzzed with non-stop energy. Even the opening ballad moved at a vibrant clip.

We’ll have to get back there sooner next time – maybe the management wise up and bring back the big band.

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