Six Degrees with Steve Washington

We met Steve Washington for the first time at the Mandarin Oriental here in DC singing with a jazz quartet. We were invited by our friends Anna and Augie who met him through their interior designer, sparking a round of “six degrees of separation” that continues to this day. I ran into him again at Augie’s famous Men and Meat barbeque where we manly types get together to chaw down on huge hunks of…TUNA (just kidding – everyone else brought meat, I brought the tuna).

This time we joined him at the Postscript Lounge in the Madison Hotel with piano and bass, singing up a storm of classic jazz tunes like Girl from Ipanema, Fly me to the Moon and Take the A Train. He has a smooth and sonorous voice with great range. Besides that, he’s a nice guy and can really work a crowd.

Steve Washington at the Lowes Madison

Steve Washington at the Lowes Madison

In another six degrees moment we ran into Zohar, a connection from Yolanda’s screen-writing class a few years back. Anna was also in the class, and that’s how we all come to know each other. Of course it doesn’t end there, because Zohar spots a guy at the bar who was a screen-writing student of his!

Zohar (right) at the Bar

Zohar (right) at the Bar

I’m sure if we had stayed long enough, we would’ve found someone else who knows that person over there who’s from some other place that has nothing to do with this place. Six degrees becomes two in nothin’ flat.

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