Off the Wall Halloween

This is not exactly a musical entry, but given that music DID occur at this peculiar Halloween fete, and it was just too wild not to post, I thought I would share it with you. It’s a little longer than usual, but hang in there, it’s worth it.

It took place on a sunny farm in Rappahannock County, about 2 hours Southwest of DC, owned and carefully crafted by an eccentric entrepreneur and amateur stone mason. He has built long lines of rolling stone walls, a spiral sheepcot, and is working on a huge semi-circular amphitheater. He imported neolithic stones from Indonesia to form an ancient stone circle and built his home with stone foundations, fireplaces and artistic stone features. This guy is passionate about stone…and as it turns out, fire.

John Henry's House

John Henry’s House

We were invited by our artistic friends, Craig and May, who have a flair for exotic costumes, and who encouraged us to join in the frivolity. Craig is an artist of a special kind; we are lucky to have one of his incredible mezzotints around the house. May, his ever-creative and enterprising muse, makes all occasions with friends very special.

Ocean Terminal by Craig McPherson

Ocean Terminal by Craig McPherson

The Countess and Count of Nevermore

The Count and Countess of Nevermore   Randy and Yo

The Halloween party began with a demonstration of sheep herding, followed by a troupe of kilt-clad bagpipers lead by our host, a Roman General. In a long white tent behind the house an Irish band played happy and soulful tunes. Across a couple of rolling, man-made hills, was the famed circle of stones, and next to it, the biggest friggin’ bonfire pile ever built!

Pipers lead by The General

Pipers lead by The General

Bonfire with Damsel

Bonfire with Damsel in Distress

After tapping our toes to a jig or two and sampling the “vine tea” wine, we made our way over hill and dale to the circle to witness “A Slightly Altered Version of the Divine Comedy.” It was a new-age production with amazing costumes, masks and hand-made props. Behind us, a group of very brave men were climbing the mountain of wood to set it on fire. By the end of the performance, it was raging hot!

Theatrical Performance in the Circle of Stones

Theatrical Performance in the Circle of Stones

May and Craig

May and Craig

Craig Summons the Fire

Craig summons the Fire

As an additional surprise, Craig arrived in a space-age costume and set the top of his headgear ablaze to dazzle the crowd of “1000 Faces” to a spectacle of fireworks! Never seen anything like it.

Craig on Fire

Craig on Fire

I’m not quite that crazy, but I have to admit, fire is alluring in an elemental sort of way. It keeps us warm, cooks our food and returns us to our ancestry. This was definitely a night for the ageless.

Randy Summons the Fire

Randy with Fire

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