Romeir Mendez Quintet Kills it at Bohemian Caverns

WOW!!! That’s all we could say at the end of the set. These guys played their hearts out at a frenetic pace, with precision and a lot of energy. Every single musician was outstanding in his own right, and dynamite together. It was edge of the seat playing!

Romeir Mendez Quintet

Romeir Mendez Quintet

Romeir (bass) is from Baltimore and has long been a part of the DC jazz scene, playing with the top musicians around town. Terrell Stafford  was originally trained as a classical player until he joined the University of Maryland Jazz Band. He is now Director of Jazz Studies at Temple University.

Terrell Stafford and Romeir Mendez

Terrell Stafford and Romeir Mendez

Bohemian Caverns was a bit disorganized that night, but what can you really expect when you are eating in a cave? The music is where it’s at.

Romeir Mendez – bass
Tim Warfield – saxophone
Terrell Stafford – trumpet
Allyn Johnson – piano
John Lamkin – drums

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