The Gift of Trumpet

Wonderful and surprising things like this don’t happen every day. But on a special day not long ago I received the gift of trumpet.

In some ways this gift was first given to me when I was only eight years old. A local Neenah, Wisconsin couple, George and Phylis, were close friends with my parents, Shirley and Dave, and as a result, our families grew up together.

George played the trumpet in church and I thought that was super cool. I soon caught the virus and playing the trumpet became my life story. I left the neighborhood and the state of Wisconsin to follow my passion, trumpet and not much else in hand. Through various moves and life changes I ended up on the West coast. Fast forward, and now I live and play in Washington, DC. Somewhere in there George passed away.

And one day the gift arrived. It was a trumpet. It was the same Bach Stradivarious I overhauled and plated for George back in 1990. Phylis wanted me to have it.

Bach Stradivarious

Bach Stradivarious

It’s smaller and brighter than the horn I built for myself, but allows for a greater dynamic range. Think a 1973 MGBGT vs. a 1968 Olds Cutlass F85. It was the perfect option for the strident passages of Borodin’s Prince Igor Overture I played last weekend in the DC Chamber Orchestra concert.

Randy with Bach

Randy with Bach

In this holiday season, I feel fortunate to have received this amazing gift, the thought that really counts.

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2 Responses to The Gift of Trumpet

  1. Hello Randy,
    Thank you for making Dad’s trumpet sing again. The gift is really for us! I think Dad’s soul is dancing. This brings me joy. Thank you. Play a song for me at Christmas? I will hear it in my bones.
    Connie (Nickolas) Stanislaus

  2. Steve Nickolas says:

    Thanks for the great tribute to my Dad. There is no one more deserving than you to play this horn for years to come. You are a great man!

    Steve Nickas

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