Coming Soon to Studio 21!

THIS IS A GREAT DAY! With many more great days ahead…

I am pleased to announce that I will be opening a NEW SHOP in April at Studio 21 at the Brookland Arts Walk in Washington, DC! It is going to take a few weeks to get it set up, so I will also be working from my old haunt in Lorton, Virginia as I make the transition.

Brookland Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market

Brookland Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market

The Arts Walk is part of the Monroe Street Market development of street retail and apartment buildings right next to the Brookland-CUA (Catholic University) Metro. There are 27 artist studios facing a pedestrian walkway that begins at Monroe Street and ends in a plaza that hosts performances and a Saturday farmer’s market. Not only am I excited about the new shop, I am also happy to be amongst a variety of creative artists. If you want to check it out, go to:

The shop itself is very cool. It is a double-height space with a glass garage door off the walk that I can open up during the warm weather months (soon!). It also has a small outdoor balcony in the back and a lot of natural light. Not to mention heat and air-conditioning.

Inside Studio 21

Inside Studio 21

Right now the studio is occupied by Dance Place, a wonderful community dance studio who took over this space while Yolanda’s firm was renovating their building down the street. The Director, Carla Perlo, was instrumental in helping me snag the space and we were able to help her by taking over a lease she no longer needed. Thanks Carla! If you get a chance, you should stop by and see one of their performances or take a class. I will continue to share the space with Dance Place when they are performing on the plaza.

Bacon on the Arts Walk

Bacon on the Arts Walk

And who doesn’t love bacon?

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1 Response to Coming Soon to Studio 21!

  1. Deone Johnson says:

    Man, you are on a roll!!!  Great and congrats.  We started the new Gypsy CD last weekend..should be good. “Straight ahead and strive for tone”

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