Building the Shop: Act 2

I’m into week 2 and the first Open House for the Arts Walk is this Thursday evening, so the clock is ticking to get the shop in presentable (although not complete) shape by then. There are a whole bunch of snazzy things arriving this week, courtesy of my sweetheart, who is helping to make it happy and inviting.

One of the toughest challenges is to install the tub and barrel into the framing system. Think Breaking Bad tub and barrel…only for a Tuba. The tub is deeper than the counter top, so it’s tricky business to work around it, with a portion of it cantilevered off the bench top. This baby requires a good bit of support!

Getting Ready for the Tub

Getting Ready for the Tub

I had another personal growth moment trying to cut the bench top around the tub and barrel so it would fit just right – NOT! But MacGyver kicked in, and I managed to cut a 1/4″ circle out of the original opening for the barrel. After that, I had to get the supports in place, and then cover them up so it would look nice and tidy.

Tub and Barrel

Thursday night rolled around and I was a few steps closer to opening. People still wander by with quizzical looks on their faces, and then they same something like, “Oh, you’re the new music guy…” But the big event was the guest appearance of my old friend and fellow trumpeter, Mike Hankins, who arrived in DC that afternoon. Yolanda picked him up at the airport and brought him straight to the shop.

Mike Hankins in the shop Lounge

Mike Hankins in the shop Lounge

The final act is close at hand. One more week and I should be up and running. Stay tuned!

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  1. Randy, They will really appreciate you once you start blowing those double G’s again…..

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