Jennie Takes a Bath

Now that I have your attention…!

I worked with Jennie Johnson at Wally’s Music in Portland for 4 years. She was “the organizer” in our band of five repair techs, keeping the calendar and making spreadsheets for summer repairs (in the hundreds) and keeping supplies in stock. Jennie is now working at the Portland Public Schools shop, no doubt organizing everyone there as well.

She was in town this week for a family wedding and stayed with us for most of the week. It has been one of the worst weather weeks in weeks! It rained just about every day – just like Portland. But she’s a trooper and it didn’t hold her back. We took her up to the shop for an inspection. How could you resist that tub?

Jennie takes a bath

Jennie Takes a Bath

Jennie at the shop

Jennie at the Shop

Jennie spent the week walking around in the rain while visitng friends. We had a couple of dinners out and a nice dinner in. It was fortunate that the sun came out on the wedding day, so we met her after the reception at Fiola Mare on the Potomac River. It was stunning.

The Kennedy Center and The Watergate on the Potomac

The Kennedy Center and The Watergate on the Potomac

Fiola Mare is a fantastic newish Italian seafood restaurant on the Potomac River down the block from Yolanda’s office. Yolanda and I split a delicious seafood stew and Jennie had a simply grilled halibut. We all shared their famous bombolini, which are little dougnuts served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. WHOA! Only a few pounds the wiser.

James Bond

Randy on the RIver

Jennie on the RIver

Jennie on the RIver

We came home and enjoyed a breezy evening on the terrace. She had to get up at the crack of dawn to leave our place by 4:30 am on Sunday. Great to see her and we hope she will make it back this way for the NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians) conference next April here in Wasington DC!

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