Halloween, Day and Night

One Halloween is not enough! Once you have the suit, it’s hard to give it up. Today was Halloween at Monroe Street Market where I have my shop.  The “powers that be” asked the artists to ham it up for the kids and hand out candy. But I had to work! I had one feisty sax to get under control, and a flute that needed some major adjustments.

Tajet on Earth

Tajet takes Brookland

A bunch of kids accompanying their parents stopped by to grab a handful of candy and watch the weird guy fix instruments in a space suit. I had a client come to pick up his horn whom I had never met in person. I’m sure he was wondering if I was out of this world…or out of my mind!

Space Music

Space Flute

One costume down, and another one to go! Being the official Halloween, Yolanda and I felt we needed to make an evening appearance on 14th Street. We had a good meal with Ava at Masa 14 where they had decked the halls with cobwebs and the waiters were in the mood.

Ava peeled away after dinner to attend a Halloween party so we decided to take a walk and take in the scary sights. We saw Mini Mouse, Jasmin, Dorothy, a flapper, a cupcake, a priest, several ghouls, and what we surmised was Bruce Jenner AND Caitlin. We even saw a pooch posing as a hotdog, complete with condiments.

Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman

We found ourselves in Barcelona and had pumpkin bread and vanilla ice cream with a bubbly cava. We were happy to see so many people in costume in the restaurants and on the streets…by 8:00! It was an early night for us this time, being our second Halloween for the season.


On the Town

In Barcelona

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