Roy Hargrove’s Carbon Fiber Trumpet

Roy Hargrove’s Carbon Fiber Trumpet

Last week I got a surprise call from Larry, the band manager for Roy Hargrove, trumpet player extraordinaire. Roy is a world famous jazz trumpet player, arranger and band leader for small ensembles and big bands. He has played with Winton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock and has won two Grammys. He had a gig at Blues Alley in DC and was having trouble with his second valve. Larry wanted to know if I could work on Roy’s custom horn with a super cool carbon fiber bell – in short order. Now, that’s an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Roy Hargrove

Roy Hargrove

I’ve never worked on or played a horn quite like this. The carbon fiber bell gives it a darker sound, and yet is has quick response. It’s light weight and pretty indestructible. Besides that, it’s seriously BAD-ASS!

Larry, with Roy's bad-ass horn

Larry, with Roy’s bad-ass horn

Larry was in a hurry, so I restored the action on the second valve, using a small amount of garnet lapping compound. I cleaned out the residue and put it all back together.

Good as new!

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5 Responses to Roy Hargrove’s Carbon Fiber Trumpet

  1. fearlessmusicians says:

    I’d love to hear audio examples contrasting “standard” against carbon fiber. Fascinating!

  2. what kind of horn is this.

  3. Deone Johnson says:

    Roy is a monster player, you da man Randy

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