The Redskins’ Sousas

Not long ago I got a call from Santo, who plays Sousaphone in a local band called Crush Funk. It turns out he also plays in the Redskins marching band, one of only two professional marching bands in the country. He said he had EIGHT sousaphones that needed work…a last minute request.

Sousaphones in the Redskins Marching Band

Sousaphones in the Redskins Marching Band

These horns had taken a beating, like they had been tackled on the field. Some were held together with duct and electrical tape; most had broken and missing braces. Due to the time and budget crunch, cosmetic repairs were secondary. I had to work fast!

A Band of Sousaphones

A Band of Sousaphones

Sousa Parts and Pieces

Sousa Parts and Pieces

I worked day and night for a week to meet the deadline. Eric Summers, the band director, and his son, Eric Jr., picked them up and crammed them into his van. Good to go!

Mad Sousa Repair Tech

Mad Sousa Repair Tech

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4 Responses to The Redskins’ Sousas

  1. David C. Mueller says:

    Randy–What a blessing you are to the Musical repair industry–Dad Mueller– Love Ya–

  2. Patrice Pakiz says:

    I recognize that crazy face from UW-EC! Greetings to you! Deone sent a link to your article. That’s a lot of tuba!

  3. Deone says:

    You are the only one crazy enough and the talent to make it happen

  4. Phyllis says:

    Such talent Randy!! I love that picture of you😀

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