Chopteeth Afrofunk at Hamilton Live

Last night we joined a group of friends for some rockin’ Afrofunk big band fun. We almost missed it because it wasn’t on the calendar, or perhaps because we were still in a post-vacation haze. Yo was in her PJs and we were planning for a pizza and movie night when our buddy Jeff texted us to say he was holding our table. YIKES! We switched into “Mission Impossible” mode, jumped into some clothes, shoved the pizza in the fridge, hailed a cab and….sat down just before the downbeat. WHEW!

Chop teeth Big Band

Chopteeth Big Band

Chopteeth describes their sound as a “spicy stew of modern jazz” based on “Yoruba tribal music and burning, James Brown-inspired rhythms.” That means it’s danicn’ music, so we had to dance. I had a chance to chat with both trumpet players, Justine and Cheryl. Justine plays a Yamaha Xeno and Cheryl plays a Tony Scodwell Boston model, limited production horns out of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to the trombone and two sax players. Maybe next tine.

I hope to find them in my shop one day!

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  1. Janet Russell says:

    🙆🏻 sounds like a fun time👏

    Janet Russell Sent from my iPhone


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