Axelrod String Quintet at the Smithsonian


Last night we attended a fine concert by the Axelrod String Quartet at the National Museum of American History. Our friends Matt and Cindy bought tickets for us for Christmas, and they joined us, along with Jeff and Marianne.The quartet is named after their Axelrod patrons, who donated 4 instruments created by Nicole Amati and 4 of the 11 surviving ornamented Stradivari to the museum, which they play in concert. WOW!

Historic Instruments

They played the Haydn Quartet in E-flat Major, Op 76, No 6 followed by Beethoven’s Quartet in G Major, Op 18, No 2 with finesse. Beethoven had a little fun with Haydn, as both a tribute and a light-hearted poke at his former teacher.


And then, there was this! A bit of American history on the way out…the Tucker 48. THe Cyclopes headlamp turns with the front wheels. It was the first car with seat belts and a padded dash, and the only car built with a rear-engine helicopter motor.  were only 48 of these made – one recently sold for 2.9 million!

1948 Tucker

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2 Responses to Axelrod String Quintet at the Smithsonian

  1. David Meschutt says:

    Thanks …what a great find and the program has my favorite classical chamber music.Yesterday the WHRO local station played a hilarious song about the British Light Dragoons composed by Beethoven who obviously heard about the Allied campaigns in Italy and France to repulse Napoleon.I shall try to dig it out from the internet and share later. Sarah

  2. Deone Johnson says:

    Life is good for the Rand myster!

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