Roy Hargrove Quintet at Blues Alley

Last night we attended a show at Blues Alley, one of the oldest jazz clubs in DC, located about a block from Yo’s office. If you recall from previous posts, Roy circles back to play in DC of a regular basis, and his manager, Larry, has brought his horn to me to repair on two occasions. We were not able to catch his show back then, so we made a concerted effort to go this time around.

Roy Hargrove Quintet


The quintet featured Roy on his DaCarbo trumpet and flugelhorn, Justin Robinson on alto sax, Ameen Salem on bass, Sullivan Partner on piano and Quincy Phillips on drums.

Roy on Flugel

Roy plays a carbon fiber DaCarbo trumpet which is a beauty. It’s light weight and easy to play. The last time he brought it in it looked like he had dropped it off a ladder or run over it with a grocery cart. This time the DC curse was broken and did not require any work.

Reconstructed Roy

I was able to chat with him for about 10 seconds and I’m hoping to see his flugel in the shop soon!

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  1. Deone Johnson says:

    How did he sound? He is between Shaw and Freddie?

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