The Eagle has Landed


I just found a shop to hang my shingle and looking forward to working on your horns. I’m in the process of making some shop improvements to increase efficiency and make room for a couple more Techs down the line. I’m very excited about exposure to DC area professionals, and just this week I met Alexander White, Assistant Principal Trumpet with the Seattle Symphony, who is home for the holiday. Great guy, great player.

I’ve also heard some killer music here over the past month, including Nicholas Payton and the Bohemian Caverns Orchesta, a 17-piece big band that plays just a few blocks up the street from where I live. I’ll be heading to New York next week where I’ll stop in to hear Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas at the Village Vanguard. I’m looking forward to getting my chops up to snuff to play some gigs around town.

Stay tuned,




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