Chillin’ at the Village Vanguard

My first experience in New York City exceeded all expectations! We visited Picasso at the Guggenheim, marveled at mastadon ivory jewelry at the Museum of Arts and Design and star-gazed at the Hayden Planetarium. We teared up over War Horse and ate enough food at the Russian Tea Room to supply a cold war army.

After an amazing Latin-Asian meal at Yerba Buena Perry, the highlight of the trip was a show at the Village Vanguard. We nabbed front row seats to hear Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas play their “Sound Prints” set. Dave’s extended solos were killer and bassist Linda Oh rocked! Joey Baron, the “happiest drummer in jazz” raised the pulse of the audience with his energy. Joe was all over the horn and played an Eastern Europea tarogato, which looks like a wood soprano sax and sounds like a double-reed. Matt Wilson burned the ivories, big-time. HOLY SMOKES!

Believe it or not, we’re heading back to New York as I write on the train for a birthday celebration with friends. I’ll keep you posted on the next episode.


Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas "Soundprints" at the Village Vanguard

Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas “Soundprints” at the Village Vanguard

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