Music Medic

This week I had a nice visit at the shop from Curt Altarac of Music Medic and his musical colleague, Ada An from Hover Huayang Music in China.

Ada and Curt

Ada and Curt

Music Medic is one of my main suppliers of pads, tools and other nerdy supplies. He has a booth at the National Flute Convention here in DC this week and he made a point of visiting local repair shops. He was blown away with my shop.

He brought me a new LED leak light as a gift. Its design provides a better degree of durability and longer light-life. He also gave me a set of the new Extreme RooPads (as in kangaroo) for a Mark VI alto sax. You can check it out at

Curt and I hit it off and it would have been fun to hang out with him, but he was on the go. Maybe next time!

Ada, Curt and Randy

Ada, Curt and Randy

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