Camp “I do”

I don’t camp much these days, but I did go to summer camp this year on the happy occasion of my daughter’s wedding. It was held at Four Echoes Girl Scout Camp outside of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, near the childhood getaway of her fiance’s family.

Ashley is an accomplished young woman. She just opened a new shop called Teascape, offering massage therapy alongside organic teas from around the world. Check it out at Her soul mate, Cheyne, is a wealth manager, and all around good guy. They met at ballroom dancing class, so have many beautiful dances ahead of them.

Camp Four Echoes Lodge

Camp Four Echoes Lodge

View of Lake Coeur d'Alene from the Lodge

View of Lake Coeur d’Alene from the Lodge

We arrived ahead of the wedding posse and set up our camp at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort. That in itself was an adventure. The entire first floor was dedicated to several casino rooms and four restaurants. Thank goodness they also had a spa where we could escape the colorful, smokey, beeping madness.

Coeur d'ALene Casino

Coeur d’Alene Casino

We had a decent dinner that night at camp casino and turned in early. The next morning we were up with the sun and all the gamblers and had one of the biggest breakfasts we have ever seen…in the darkness of the casino. There are no windows or clocks.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of champions

The wedding party was not to arrive until early evening, so we took a trip up to the town of Coeur d’Alene, which is quite a pretty place. Later that evening we met Ashley and Cheyne at Sun Up Bay Resort, the family summer retreat.

Lakeside Coeur d"Alene

Lakeside in Coeur d”Alene

Sun Up Bay with Ashley

Sun Up Bay with Ashley

We had organic burgers and corn on the grill and the next morning we were up and running to pick up the sound system for the big day. We returned later for the rehearsal dinner at wedding camp.

Cheyne instructing the wedding party

Cheyne instructing the wedding party

Cheyne's sister

Cheyne’s sister, Sutton

Walking down the aisle

Practicing the walk down the aisle

Holding hands

Holding hands

We had a nice dinner on the deck of the lodge, then up again the next morning to drive to Spokane to fetch the pies for the wedding feast. Meanwhile, my son Adam, was on a plane to join us. He is an expert printer and co-owner of a doggie day care called Fetch, managed by his wife, Britt. You can find them at

Adam arrives

Adam arrives

THE BIG DAY. It was a perfect afternoon and all went smoothly. Ashley was so beautiful in an awesome dress made by her mother.

Cheyne with his sister and his mom

Cheyne with Sutton and his mom, Debbie

Randy and Yo, ready to go

Me and Yo, ready to go

Cheyne and his mother

Cheyne escorts his mom

Mom and the bride

Mom and the beautiful bride

The beautiful bride

Dad and the bride

The wedding party awaits her arrival

The wedding party anticipates her arrival

Brides maids

Brides maids and one dude

The kiss

The kiss!

Mr and Mrs Sorenson

Mr and Mrs Sorenson

Randy, Pat and Adam

Me, Pat (mother of the bride) and Adam

Randy and Adam

Me and Adam

Ashley and Randy

Ashley and me

Ashley and Adam

Ashley and Adam

Unfortunately, Adam had to run to catch a plane back to Portland so he could get back to work for the early shift the next day. We were just happy that he was able to be there.

Race to the plane

Race to the plane

Yager, tuckered out

Jager, tuckered out

Canoe kiss

Canoe kiss

It was truly a tender, heart-felt ceremony. Everybody cried. I am so proud of her and so happy that she has found the man of her dreams. Love is a wonderful thing. I wish them a lifetime of it. Dance on!

First Dance

First Dance

Cutting the rug with Ashley

Cutting the rug with Ashley

Ashley, I look forward to the years ahead, too


I, too, look forward to the many years ahead.

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