Highway of Horns

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Potomac Arts Academy, a community arts organization at George Mason University that provides instruments  for underprivileged kids in schools in Virgina. They wanted me to take a look at 84! horns in their possession and provide an estimate for repairs. That’s Jeremy, a conducting student at George Mason, assigned to help me sift through the pile.

Highway of Horns

Highway of Horns

Amongst the ususal beat-up horns found in attics and basements of well-meaning donors, there were a few stand-outs. I found a Selmer Low-C bass clarinet, worth about $8000, numberous Buffet Arthur T soprano clarients, a couple of Bb-A sets in combo cases and an early Conn 8D French Horn. They had quite a few instruments well worth spending the money to restore. They will be raising about $15,000 for repairs that will keep me busy for months!

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