Foolishness at Studio Theater

Studio Theater is right across the street from where we live on 14th Street. It is DC’s premier venue for contemporary and classic theater, performed in three intimate venues. We don’t know much about theater, but we have gone to a number of shows over the years and always enjoy it. Last night we attended their “Fools Paradise” gala fundraiser, joining all the other fools in a night of experiential wonder. I can tell you a lot of people were wondering what kind of fools we were just walking to the corner to cross the street!

Space Fools

Spaced-out Fools

We were greeted by spirited dancers donning animal heads, swinging to a jazzy beat in the vestibule, followed by full size butterflies and peacocks. As we passed through the butterfly garden, we were serenaded by a barbershop quartet of Presidents, who were wandering around later in suit jackets and colorful boxers. Sorry, I didn’t get a photo of that.

Barbershop Presdients George W, Nixon, and Obama

Barbershop Presdients
Ronald Regan, George W, Nixon, and Obama

We explored further to find ourselves in the Safari lounge, where I met the Director of Development, Rodney Trapp and talked with a a few foolish folks with crazy jackets, hats and fanciful headgear.

Randy and Rodney in the Jungle

Randy and Rodney in the Jungle

Safari Lounge

Safari Lounge

Afterwards, we were shuttled into one of the theaters for an introduction by the Executive Director, Meredith Burkus. This was  followed by a short Cabernet, starring Christine Dwyer, who played Elphaba on Broadway in Wicked.

Executive Director, Meredith Burkus

Executive Director, Meridith Burkus, with Peacocks

Christine Dewey

Christine Dwyer

The next experience of the evening was dinner in the Aquarium, along with sharks, undersea divers, and the ever-present peacock girls.

DInner in the Aquarium

Dinner in the Aquarium

Meredith and Masked Friend

Meridith and her Half-masked Friend

All in all, it was a fun and foolish evening. And I’m sure it will not be the last!

Being Foolish

Forever Foolish!

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