Le Boat Redux

A couple of weeks ago we joined Captain Matt and Cindy Zolla and Jeff Luchsinger for a reunion of our trip on the Canal du Midi in the South of France last summer. Marianne couldn’t join us as she was at a family wedding in rural Georgia (a story in itself). It was a glorious day on the Chesapeake Bay, complete with a big pot of cassoulet and wine from the Languedoc region.

Something's Fishy on the Bay

Something’s fishy on the bay

Yo composed a fabulous French snack of fromage and charcuterie, then we headed out. The water was calm, and the day was warm, sunny and bright.

Jeff with his stogie

Jeff with his stogie

Le dejeuner

Le dejeuner

Cindy and Jeff

Cindy and Jeff, toasting the Languedoc

We came upon this amazing flock of seagulls, madly fluttering above a big school of fish. Time to get out the fishing gear!

Birds gone Wild

Birds gone wild

Could it be a big one?

Capatin Matt, casting for the big one

We didn’t catch any fish, but we completed our journey with a perfect evening.


Sunset glow

Sittin' at the dock of the bay...

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

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